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How to Qualify for a Bank Loan in the Philippines

How to Qualify for a Bank Loan in the Philippines
Raining Pesos offer a variety of different bank loans in the Philippines. Our main focus is car loans, gadgets on installment, personal loans, home loans and business financing. The rules to qualify for money can be different by loan type, and also by the bank lender. Here are the general qualifiers to see if you can start applying for a money loan now. Additional requirements for specific loans will be found at Step1 after you click on the menu button.View Requirements »

Types of Loans in the Philippines

Car Loan: For new or used cars no older than model year 1997. There is always a down payment required, but with a newer car, less downpayment is required. Once you are approved, the bank will appraise the vehicle and the funds will be given in check to the car seller. Other Loan Types »

Why Apply for a Loan with Raining Pesos?

Why Apply with Raining Pesos?
Let us do the research and hard work for you. The rates you receive from us will be exactly the same as the rates you receive from the bank. The difference is that you only need to apply once with us, and we'll guide you to the best choice of bank and loan product. You won't need to go into 10 or 20 bank branches in order to learn and compare everything available to you. In fact, you might miss out on the best deal trying to do the research yourself. Instead, save time and money working with our experienced approvals team.

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